Disaster Relief – Tornado Bucket Supply List

This letter was sent out on Thursday, October 18, by the director of the Disaster Warehouse in Decatur, AL. Please help by collecting supplies on the list and bringing them to the church for the next two weeks. Someone from our church will make sure all items collected are delivered to the Disaster Warehouse at the beginning of November. If you have any questions, please call Heather Morrow at 205-473-9958.

The United Methodist distribution Center in Apalachicola, Florida, alerted us that they need all the Tornado Buckets they can get for wind damage. 

Currently our Disaster Warehouse in Decatur only has two pallets (72 buckets) ready to ship. We have already shipped around 2,000 of these. We have the (empty) buckets but NOT the contents! Please share with your congregation  the  need for  the following supplies!  Click on Read more for a list of all items needed. 

Supplies in a Tornado Bucket  45 8 penny nails in a plastic medicine bottle or other container (We have these)

  • 1 Claw Hammer
  • 1 pair Leather palm-cloth back gloves (for fiber glass in debris)
  • 1 Magic Marker to mark boxes indicating which room items go
  • 1 Wide Cellophane tape to put together the M. packing boxes
  • 15 Black Trash bags with draw strings for trash
  • 10 White 13 gal kitchen trash bags with draw strings for salvageable items
  • 10 One gallon zip lock bags for jewelry, make up and other valuables
  • 1 Box Cutter
  • 1 small roll of toilet tissue in a quart zip lock bag
  • 1 pair Safety glasses for hammering tarps, wooden strips, on roof
  • 6 Clear large plastic bags to cover blown out windows
  • 1 Shirt pocket notebook, pencil & sharpener (For a family and make their “to DO List”)
  • 3 Tampons or pads in a snack zip lock bag
  • Flashlight & Batteries separately
  • Insect Repellent